Thursday, April 9, 2009

What You Don't See On TV

This picture is the picture of my two granddaughters that live in Washington state with their mother and her boyfriend.

These are two little girls who are loved and missed very much by their daddy, their grandparents, their cousins, their aunts and uncles.

Why? Because their mother is mentally ill and can do with and what she wants to these children. She can lie to them, move them from place to place, keep them home from school and NO ONE intervenes!

Child Protective Services contacted my son once via letter and when he called them back they told him the girls had no food, but they spoke to their mother about that and she got them food and it wasn't really any of his business anyway.

I am so upset right now I could spit! The girls mother told her mother (yes, I know it is only rumor) that CPS told her these 2 little ones can't be left alone with her boyfriend. Mom was even told the girls had to go to school and yet, she can uproot them, move them into a flock of trees where they are terrified of the night and that is okay.

Their daddy once had custody of them through a restraining order with a police department in Arizona, who took them away from him and gave them to mom because she managed somehow to convince them the restraining order was against him. Then she ran with them to Washington where he followed her and he got them back and then she made up some bogus charges and he went to jail and she ran. That was over 5 years ago and she has been on the run since.

My son is not a saint. He has made mistakes in his life, he has been in and out of jail, but a two year stint in a California prison and the release into a wonderful drug rehabilitation program when he got out and he has been clean & sober for over 4 years now. He is off parole and he is going to college to get his counseling degree in drug and alcohol counseling.

In prison, he sent his step-mother-in-law letters for his girls, they were sent to me when he got out and I returned them to him unopened. He located his girls once and began sending them packages, letters and even wanted to get them on his medical and dental. All things were returned REFUSED!

This is what you don't see on TV. The pain and heart break of a father who can't see his children anymore. A father who divorced his wife years after she told him the divorce was final in Washington and after his first tax return the year out of prison was taken by the IRS to pay her back child support. That is when he found out they were not divorced.

The money he has spend on private investigators to find his daughters only to have his ex pick them up and run again, over and over and over.

She is allowed to manipulate the system and yet, with all the proof from attorneys and private investigators of how she runs every time she is subpoenaed to court, how she requests telephonic court appearances and never shows and yet, no judge will say enough is enough.

You don't see these things on television, you see a one hour program, the child is found and it is over.

Sadly, it doesn't happen this way.

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Sherry said...

I will keep your grandkids, their daddy and your family in my thoughts and prayers.