Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Scentsational Experience

Wow! That is all I can about these wonderful soaps that I purchased from Kimberley over at KC Soap Company of Bend for my March handmade purchase. I was expecting to receive some funky looking bars of handmade soap and instead received the most perfectly shaped bars of soap in the sizes I ordered and these adorable little heart soaps that have flowers on them.

I took them out of the package and my granddaughters began smelling them and they guessed what most of them were. They guessed Rose, Watermelon, Raspberry and Apple Cinnamon. The others were things like Apple Blossom and Lavender neither of which they would have recognized.

Now, I can hardly wait to jump in the shower and feel these soaps against my skin and see how they smell when I get out. I just get so upset when you buy a soap to smell good and when you get out of the shower, you just smell clean with no good smellies on you. I do not think these soaps are going to disappoint me.

These bars are actually beveled along the top edges which just amazes me!

It also ends years of my wondering what a good purpose for Goats milk would be. As a child my grandfather had ulcers and the doctors told him to drink goats milk. The first time I had it on my cereal, it was sooooooooooooooooooo disgusting and gross. I never drank it again! Now I know it is supposed to be used for soap! Silly Me! To think my grand father rather liked it so much.

Did I mention that Kimberley can make special orders and she sells wholesale? I found her to be very easy to work with, she answers questions quickly and she is a delight to deal with.

The big one....she is having an amazing sale right now over at KC Soap Company of Bend and when you order, you can choose 3 of the small heart shaped soaps and she will send them to you in her choice of scents!

I am raising 3 grandchildren and I don't know about you, but when spring and summer rolls around, for little ones they can smell pretty rank by the end of the day. What little girl doesn't want to come out of the shower smelling like Roses or Lavender?

Here is Kimberley's business card for anyone who might want to make contact with her and please, when and if you do, let her know you came via my blog.

I do not receive monetary payment for advertising her soaps, I am happy to help someone making homemade products that reach my high level of standards for my family!

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