Thursday, April 9, 2009

All Creatures Great And Small, With Wings

I am so sorry these images didn't come out better, but I wanted to share with you the perfectness in Gods creatures. I love these little darlings and from the time I was a child, Hummingbirds have always fascinated me.

Since our weather has been beautiful the last several days (with an occassional sprinkling), I took out my Hummingbird feeder and put it up on Sunday and since then, we have had non-stop air shows everyday.

You can hear them as they approach the feeder for a quick pit stop and then off to the neighbors tree where I told him I thought there was a nest, but he informed me no nest yet, just a male and the females are the ones making all the ruckus! The male keeps the other males away, but the females fly in and out of the tree using my feeder as a stopping point.

And the are very quick. They can hit all feeder ports in less than 3 seconds and be gone before I can get my camera focused. Today, I sat outside with my 35 mm (film has to be developed) while hubby sat next to me with the digital and took these quick pictures.

So, I hope you enjoy seeing these amazing teeny creatures with wings, as much as I enjoy just sitting on my porch and watching them as they go about their business oblivious to the fact that they are putting on an amazing show of skill, grace and beauty as the fly around the two yards.

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Sherry said...

How cool!! My Grandpa always had bird houses and bird feeders by his sliding glass doors and when I was younger I thought "how boring to just sit and watch these birds eating and flying in the bird house". Now that I am older I cherish the memories of Grandpa and his bird houses and understand the pure joy he found in these remarkable little creatures!

Thanks for sharing Jean!