Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mens Week Update

So, I have hubby lined up to guest blog for me while I am in the hospital in June & I am pretty sure I have John lined up and now, I got confirmation from a gentleman who is a fantastic quilter that he would be more than happy to do an interview with me and have it posted to my blog during the time I am gone.

Is that cool or what? I am still hoping to get Patrick Lose to do a quick interview, but he has been so busy with Party with Patrick at quilt shops, I am not sure he has any time to sit down and be interviewed on paper. Speaking of Patrick, if you have any quilt shops near your home, ask them to bring Party With Patrick in for a once a month party.

I tried to get Quilt Dad to do it, but after sending him several Emails, he never responded, so I am taking that as he is a very busy man with no time or he thinks I am totally whacked!

If you know of any men who quilt or do ATC's or crafts, let me know about them as I want the week I am gone to truly be a week of fun by allowing the men to take over. They will however, not be able to access my Email, so those will go unanswered.

I have until June or possibly even July to find a few more great souls to help out!

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Sherry said...

What a neat idea! Your hubby sounds like a wonderful and supportive person!