Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Budding Author & A Huge Complement

I am biased and that is okay, because I can be biased about my grandchildren. That is a grandmothers right. But when something so awesome occurs, it is always worth sharing with the world!

I picked up Miss Socialite this morning around 0815 as she was to go to the Young Authors conference this morning at 0900. She was awake with a smile on and ready to go. She had spent the night with one of her many best friends.

Young Authors was just so amazing to me with this being our first ever attending and my first ever as a presenter (teaching writing to 2nd graders). The first author she saw was Eric Ode & if you ever have a chance to meet him or pick up one of his books, do so. He is amazing!
I did my presentation and she was in another class. When I went to the sharing part, ours was very small so when it was over, I slipped into hers. These children are amazing at what they can write and how they can right at 7 and 8 years old. I watched the adults around the room and when each child was done, everyone applauded.
What I didn't expect was the reaction Shyann had with her book. People began laughing and smiling and at first, I was kind of hurt because she put a lot into writing this book. Then I realized they were laughing because her story is funny and it is supposed to be scary.

She was reading it like a champ, oblivious to all around her. Then it dawned on me, while the other children were great story tellers as well, they wrote about their summer vacations, their pets, their families, no one really wrote a story they weren't familiar with.

When it was over, two older women walked up to her and said: 'From what you wrote, out of everyone here today, you will be the true author of novels.' What powerful affirmation to a 7 year old child from an adult! She said thank you and then when we were walking away, she said, 'Ranny, what is a novel?' I told her they were saying out of the all the students stories they heard, the believed hers was the most original and she used her mind and imagination to write it. Oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

When we arrived at the giveaway table, Shyann was looking at all the gifts and had asked me earlier for a sweatshirt and I said not today. They she walked around and sitting on a sweatshirt was my name! I had won this sweatshirt and she was so happy!

When she got home the first thing she said to her PaPa was: there was a lady there who said I will be a real writer when I grow up! What a blessing!

If you get a chance to experience Young Authors, they showcase the books the kids write, take a look around for a book called Chills, My First Scary Story, by Shyann Kester. I know she would love to know that others have read her book!

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