Saturday, May 9, 2009

Shaped By All The Moms In My Life!

First and foremost, these flowers are for every Mom everywhere. To me, Mothers Day doesn't require a special day for giving or receiving, as to me, everyday is Mothers Day. Happiest Days to all of you tomorrow and everyday!

I think we are all shaped by the women that have been connected in our life and even those we don't know or have never met. We take a bit of each to make us unique.

My grandmother Ayou was a wonderful woman who traveled where my grandfather traveled and lived in some strange places. They once lived in a converted barn stable & it was home using an ice chest for a fridge and a burner plate for a stove. I never heard her complain.

Grandma A never left the house without her hair done and her lipstick on. She didn't bite her nails (I do), she crocheted beautiful Afghans and doilies and made my sisters prom dress, jackets for us and robes as children. She had one child, my mother.

My mom left my dad when I was 7 years old and moved us across the United States from New York to Arizona (talk about a shock to your system), she went to business school, worked two jobs. She married my step-dad and never once used the skills she learned in business school, but she is happy. She cleaned house everyday and when my dad came home, she was always well dressed and prepared him a drink. She was happy to be where she was. By her quiet dependence, she taught me to be independent!

My grandmother Burris on my dads side I don't remember very well, but I remember sitting out on her porch shelling beans and peas. Other than that, my memory of her has been erased over the years.

Somewhere in our family tree, I am a descendent of Mary Ann Sorden Stuart a woman who fought for womens rights in the state of Delaware and this is information I only recieved recently from my Aunt. Yet, I believe very much this is why I am fiesty, argumentative, strong willed and speak up for the underdog. Sooner or later someone had to inherit these traits, but now that I understand I am a conglomeration of all these women.

I am shaped by my daughter-in-laws past and present and the grandchildren they have given me. Some I am blessed to see daily, some I do not even know where they are, but they have shaped my life.

I take this time to say, I am so thankful to have had each one touch my life in some small way, even if I never knew them!

Happy Mothers Day!

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