Monday, May 18, 2009

Emotional Roller Coaster

Good Daughter. The words keep ringing around in my head from yesterday at church when I was so overwhelmed that I walked up front requesting prayer. Prayers for my moms healing, prayers for Kim Millers healing, prayers for my healing, for all the confusion I have been under lately with my own selfishness. Good daughter was hardly what I expected to hear.

It just seems lately, that I can't come up for air without someone calling the house and needing me for something and lately it all just seems to sap my strength which I so desperately need just to move around each day.

I work, I come home exhausted. I stay home and clean, I am exhausted, even my quilting is beginning to exhaust me and yet, I know the Lord says he will renew my strength if I trust in Him and I do.

My new Fibromyalgia meds are not working at all, so that will probably mean yet another visit to another doctor this month and I am up to my ears in those between my visits, the kids visits, the kids dental all so it doesn't fall on hubby's shoulders when I am in the hospital.

I am walking again, not far, but at least trying to keep as mobile as I can with all of my back pain, but soon, hopefully after the initially surgery I will begin to feel like myself and less drained of energy.

I can't be a good anything if my strength is gone!

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Cathy said...

Hang in there Ranny! Things will improve. You have a giving heart.