Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Break From The Everyday

Can you guess what we did today? We took a much needed and very relaxing break from the everyday and went fishing. No, the above picture wasn't staged, all the kids were fishing and PaPa was putting a worm on a hook and they were just mesmerized as you can tell. I just love the naturalness of their curiosity.
You can't really see what these are, but they were a patch of the tiniest delicate little daisy in the field and I thought about how Mother Nature just always gives us beauty to look at even when we aren't looking for it. Washington bounds with beauty like this and that is why I can't imagine living anywhere else at this season in my life!

You enter the main part of the park across a footbridge and looking on one side of the bridge, you can see a calm appearing slow running stream that wanders beneath the bridge, but if you look closely towards the bottom on this picture you can see some small ripples over a few rocks....

Very quickly (just on the other side of the foot bridge, they turn into this churning set of rapids and then looking into the distance of the third photo I took while on the foot bridge, you can see where it turns into a once again calm shallow pool of water as you look through the trees.

Close to where we decided to sit and fish there was this large clump of tiny little white Daisies and I was hoping my shot would come out better, but it didn't. They weren't all over the park, they would just appear in patches as if God said, a little more color is needed here or over here perhaps.

This is our sweet little Diva girl and the look on her face is because she had just picked up a huge worm so she could have Papa bait her hook for her. It didn't take long for her to realize, worm=fish and she was putting them on all by herself.

The weather here in Aberdeen today is 68 with a gentle breeze and not one cloud in the sky. But where this little lake is, the sun was out and it was 74 and as you can see, it didn't take the only boy in the group long to shed his shirt. Fishing isn't fishing in our home without a snap shot of the oldest because she is the experienced one in the group.
She had gotten up to check on her brothers pole because she said he had a nibble, but before she could get to him, he yanked his pole and the fish got away with the bait!
This very last picture is going to age me to my younger followers and readers, because it so very much reminds me of the Andy Griffith Show years ago when Andy and Opie (played by Ron Howard when he was as young as these kids are now) are walking down the dirt road holding their fishing poles.
I can hear that whistle as if it was today & in realty, today felt like the slower times of yester year. And to think, I wanted to go somewhere today where there were crowds and lots of noise. I am so glad, we did this instead! In a world where technology and bad news is usually the norm, it is still nice to know there are places like this and times like today we can run to!

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