Sunday, May 3, 2009

I am a D, I am a D, I

Yesterday I took a wonderful spiritual giftings class at our church and while I really didn't learn much about my personality, yes anyone who read this blog or knows me on a personal level figures out I am a type A personality very quickly.

Go figure! That is why I rarely am in bed prior to 0300, that is why I always have 4 or 5 projects going at at time that is why I say yes to projects when I should say no. On the other hand, if you need research done, call me. If you want your house organized and your spice in ABC order, I can do it. Need to write a letter and can't? Just ask me.

I am strong willed, independent, hate wishy washy bosses, don't give up when I am loosing, won't bet unless I know I will win, excel in emergencies, demand much of others and I can be rude and tactless and don't know it unless you tell me. I am also very forgetful, admired by those who know me, restless and talkative.

So, none of that above comes as a great surprise to me. My husband has always said, 'those who know you love you and those who don't (know me) never will (they are to afraid of you). You can't imagine how many people over the years tell me when they first met me, they were terrified of me. It has baffled me and still does because I don't intentionally try to scare people.

I think many people including those that interview me, can see that I am a very strong person, I am not afraid of interviews, I sit up straight and I am the person you go to if you want something done. However, many people in management are timid and I scare them.

I have always worked in places that you have to think fast on your feet, think alone and get the job done without asking lots of questions. I can DO anything I set my mind to unless it involves my gag reflex.

So, as I said, none of the above was eye opening.

However, when it came to the spiritual gifts, I was surprised in a few areas.
My strong points were Administration (no surprise), Faith (no surprise), Service (no surprise), Miracles (that one surprised me), Craftsmanship (no surprise), Giving (no surprise), Mercy (no surprise) Wisdom (that surprised me) and Exhortation (that surprised me).

While I have see miracles and know they exist in todays world, I never thought I would have the ability or be an agent of God to perform miracles. While I may not now, this is a gift that can be used in the future I was told.

Wisdom is the ability to discern the mind of Christ and apply scriptures to a situation so right choices are made or right direction are followed. I can't memorize scriptures to save my own soul, how this wouldn up being a gift I am not sure, but it was a very high number on my survey.

Exhortation as the ability to challenge or rebuke in the body of Christ. Now that one confuses me.

I wasn't listed for praying for others, hospitality or compassion ministries which I have always felt drawn to, so these were huge surprises to me. But God works in mysterious ways and I will follow what he asks.

The class very insightful, we had a wonderful teacher from Moses Lake, Washington and her husband and I got to chat a bit this morning about the class and how beneficial it will be to our church.

The class is Spiritual Gifts by Dr. Dan Reiland called 'A Tool To Discover Your Place in Ministry.'
I recommend you talk to your pastor about it.

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