Friday, May 22, 2009

If You Want A Smile Today, Click the Jason Mraz Video

Last month when the kids and I were driving to Chehalis, I heard Jason Mraz sing I'm yours and fell in love with it. Little did I know at that time that it was a secular song, because my car radio is always on Christian Radio, but going through Oakville, Porter, etc. around the mountain between the river, it gets static and I may have changed it.

Until Wednesday night on American Idol, I could not find the song. I was so upset! The minute they started singing it, I knew I had found it again. The song is just so upbeat and makes me smile, sing, clap and dance. I watched his other videos as well and he is just someone who wants to spread happy feelings around.

Even the video he made with this, showing skateboarders and people jumping into the water, just makes me feel good. I hope it makes you feel happy as well.

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