Saturday, May 23, 2009

Uniquely Hers

A little over a week ago, I was approached by the website, 'You Can Make This,' and asked to do a product review of one their sewing patterns.
I thought about this for all of a New York second and said YES! To me, it was an honor to be chosen to do my second product review with my blog, but my first product review where I get to combine my sewing/quilting skills.

The pattern is a really neat personalized pillow pattern that came in a 16 page pattern book that explains everything down to the last little detail. It comes with both upper and lower case letters (so you don't have to free hand them any longer & they are the bulk of the 16 pages) and you don't have to be an expert to do this. It is so simple and would be a perfect project for a beginner.

The longest part of this is the letters, but I have to admit, I cheat in this area to make it quicker and easier. I use Heat n Bond iron on adhesive. I trace all my letters first on the shiny side of the adhesive (making sure I leave enough space between each letter for the fabric for the next one) iron all the letter to the fabric, then I cut them out. By doing it this way, you have a more stable fabric and cuts so much easier.

The above pillow was made for my beautiful granddaughter Emerald and because you simply cannot walk into a store and find anything at all personalized with her name, she was the one I wanted to make the first pillow for.
I will finish this up with the back and stuffing today and mail it out to her later this week, I know she is going to love it.
For those of you who have boxes and stacks of extra fabric, here is a perfect way to use it up. This entire pillow was made from my scrap stash, even the linen background. What a better way to begin using up your scraps and making something nice for those you love?
The other thing about this is that 'You Can Make This,' has given me two downloadable E-books to share with two lucky readers of my blog. This will be the easiest giveaway ever. All you have to do is be the first and second person to post a comment directly to this post and I will send you out your downloadable copy of this book.

For those of you that still want this pattern and don't win the book, you can head on over to this location to purchase it:


Courtney said...

Looks great! Thank you again for doing it!

Rannyjean said...

Still awaiting comment one and two as Courtney is with you can make this!

The Wilcoxson's said...

I think that is an awesome pillow. I would have to make 5 because with having five children under the age of 3 everyone has to be the same. It is encouraging that a beginner can make this.

Jen Barnes said...

Those are adorable pillows. I'm here via the blog above. I just love the names added to them, so personal!

nunya said...

Awesome job ;)

nunya said...

Good job!