Sunday, May 24, 2009

Win One of Two EBooks From You Can Make

Yesterday, I posted pictures of this adorable pillow top that I had made for my granddaughter Emerald using a pattern I was asked to review for You Can Make It was so easy, all the instructions were there to walk you through it and best of all two sizes of letters to make your appliquing go lots quicker.
But, you can win one of the two Ebooks You Can Make has given me to pass onto two of my lucky readers. This is a 16 page 'how-to,' pattern book that sells on their web-site for $6.95 and they are offering free to 2 of my readers. They even left the choice of how to give it away, up to me.
I am making this very very easy on everyone. The first 2 people that leave a post on either the first pillow posting I made about this or here, wins. It is that easy. No blogging about it, no twittering about it, just leave me a post with a way to Email this to you and it is yours.
All of us know a child who has a uniquely spelled name that can't be found on any key-chain, bicycle license plate, pencil, etc.. But you can change all of this when you make that special someone a pillow with their name on it. Just think of the possibilities:
Alysha, Araya, Shyann, Shyanne, Chyann, Serah, Jony, Katryna, Roze, Rachayl, Simone, etc.

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