Friday, May 8, 2009

Like A Bad Penny, This Quilt Is Haunting Me...

Back in November 2008, I was reading 911 Cares, an internet site that supports police dispatchers and their families in need when I read about a young dispatcher that had just moved to her own place when her home burnt down leaving her with nothing.
I contacted the lead supervisor of this young ladies department and said I wanted to make a quilt for her new place. We shared Emails, I picked out the pattern and color and it took awhile for me to complete this quilt and the matching pillows.
I sent it out UPS a few weeks ago and yesterday hubby comes in from our local UPS hub and what is he carrying? This big cardboard box and know what was in it? The quilt. It seems the address I had didn't have the apartment number or something like that, so UPS sent it back!
So, I am holding onto it until I can send it out and this time I have a much better address. It just seems this quilt doesn't want to leave my care!

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