Friday, May 8, 2009

What A Neat Idea...Thanks To A Special Teacher

I cried when my grandson handed me these 2 brown paper bags with cards attached and told me, my teacher let me make one for you and one for my mommy.
How wonderful and special could that be? April Kuni, I love you as the wonderful and caring teacher you are. April had one of the girls in her class last year and I was impressed and then broken hearted when I found out she didn't come back as a teacher. Due to RIF's last year she went to the junior high.
When they discovered they needed another kindergarden teacher, April came back to the kids school and to our family when she became Jonathans teacher this year. What is special is that April knows how our family organization is and she keeps an eye on the kids and lets us know if she sees changes in the kids.
The other day she asked if the kids had had contact recently with their father because every story or picture baby boy was involved in, he included his daddy. She was right on the money, they had talked to him twice in the past week.
It was such a beautiful thing on her part to allow baby boy to make both of us a gift and making him not have to choose who it goes to. It is really confusing to the kids to give me a Mothers Day gift when they know I am not their mother.

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