Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mothers Day As a Grandmother

Mothers Day as everyone knows is quickly coming upon us and while grandmothers are no doubt also mothers, I want to take a moment to reflect on grandmothers raising their grandchildren at Mothers Day.

This is the time of the year when my husband and I don't usually give a gift. I know to many of you that may seem odd, however, while I am the mother of his children (our children), I am NOT his mother and don't get all weepy if I don't get a gift. To me, everyday is Mothers Day in one form or another.

How do we as grandparents explain this day to the grandchildren we are raising? They know we are NOT their mother and yet many times they are the only ones in class changing mom or mother to grandma and grandmother. What do you say to them?

We just daily tell them their mom loves them very much and she just can't be with them at this time. I always tell my grandchildren that my husband and I are very blessed to have them in our life because everyday I get to see their bright faces and get all their hugs.

Being a grandmother to the three children we are raising is a wonderful thing. It is about seeing happy faces when they come home from school, it is about putting bandages on the tiniest cuts, it is about finding ways to help them understand their homework. More over, it is about just loving and hugging them when they miss their parents.

I always tell them on this day, that while I love them, there is a very special day coming in September that is reserved for grandparents, so they shouldn't feel badly about Mothers day. After all, I have my own children and they will call, they will say hello and wish me a great day.

Maybe, if they are lucky, on Mothers Day, their mom will call them, they will talk to her and their other siblings and for just a few moments, their hearts will be filled with joy, because their mom will have given them some time.

I pray for all grandmothers out there who are raising their grandchildren. May God Bless all of us with the strength, love and tenacity to continue the wonderful jobs we are doing and may our other grandchildren who do not live with us, never feel slighted by our actions.

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