Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mailing Day & Giveaways

If you have won one of my recent giveaways, I am soooooooooooooooooo totally sorry that I have gotten behind in my mailings. They are going out today, so for those of you who have been expecting a package, let me tell you I am wiping the egg off my face.
I will be mailing all of these out today and on Monday or Tuesday, Mays giveaway winners will be sent out.
I have joined the Goodness Girls Red, White and Blue swap that Rebecca, Heidi and the others are putting one and am working on that to have out as soon as I know who to send it to and lastly, it is with sadness that I Mays giveaway will be my last for awhile.
I have enjoyed meeting everyone and I truly hope those of you I have come to Email back and forth and that are following me, will continue to follow me throughout my surgical recovery process over the next few months. At this time, as a substitute teacher, my last paycheck in July will be slim to none and I must save every penny and pay as many of my creditors as I can.
While my giveaways have been very small, I simply at this time, must wait until I can go shopping again, quilt again or even go to the post office again. I do not feel it is my husbands responsibility to do all these things on top of the very heavy burden he will be carrying trying ot make ends meet with one income, working overtime, taking care of all that I will not be able to.
He has graciously stepped up to learn how to post pictures and postings on this blog during my pre-op and post-op recovery, he will post 2 interviews I have done with male quilters, he will update you on my hospital stay, but trying to deal with giveaways, choose the gifts, mail them, using the random number generator, is more than I want to dump on him.
It has been a wonderful journey and so much fun & I will be back posting when I can and a little at a time after June 22nd, until then, watch this blog as I will be listing fabrics for sale, childrens clothing and other things. I do after all, have to help in anyway I can to make ends meet!

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