Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wow! So Much To Do & So Little Time

The first thing I must do is quit reading all the wonderful spine health commentaries I keep stumblign over or I will NOT have surgery. So many people talk about 1-3 years for full recovery, still being on major pain meds after a year, their inability to ever work again. I want my mommy! This is not scary stuff, it is terrifying to me and yet the alternative for me is a life eventually in a wheelchair.

I really push myself to do all I do during the day from just trying to roll out of bed, to hobbling around the house all morning with a cane, praying for the hot water from the shower to do its job, then the anti-inflammatories just so I can stand up or sit and teach all day.

But, I have worked in many a hospital and I truly understand back surgery is the very last resort and I am at that last resort. I am sooooooooooooooo worried about everything right now but I know it will all fall into place as God has planned, still....

I worry about how the babies will deal with me being gone so long. Worry about hubby trying to take care of them and paint the house and worry about me. Worry about ensuring everything is done before I go in such as prepared meals in the freezer, cleaning the house, washing windows, cleaning my van, getting my hair cut and perhaps colored again so I don't have to do it after surgery, a pedicure (yeah right!), a lip wax (yes, I had a child ask me yesterday why I had a moustache)...stop laughing!

But that isn't all. I didn't think about the small things the spine blog did...a pull sheet so hubby can help me turn when I am in bed, a body pillow and extra pillows so when I am laying on my side I don't just flop on my stitches, loose clothing, comfortable slip on shoes & NO! I am NOT wearing CROCS!! A shower chair, a walker if needed, light clothing, solid and non-slip slippers (is that an oxymoron?), an IPOD, crushed ice, etc.

Here I am thinking 7 days in the hospital and I will be home and up and moving around like normal! Now, I am worried about being able to get into my bed. For those of you who don't know, I have steps to crawl up into my bed and now I am not sure if I will be able to manage those.

Oh well, I won't know until I get home and I am determined that this is going to make me feel better and I will be back teaching in September. Probably not quilting, but then again...if I have to hand quilt, it will give me something to pass all those hours not being able to bend or twist.

Oh! The most important is teaching hubby how to blog so he can keep you posted on my progress!

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