Friday, June 12, 2009

Looking For A New Blog Name

I love to quilt, I admit I hoard fabric, I hoard quilt patterns and I am obsessed with making a few new quilts a month without getting myself so backed into a corner I have nothing else to do.
Here is my latest quilt and while I do not have it complete, it is a cute little lap quilt.
I not only make quilts for my family, I sell a few here and there on Ebay and have some listed on Etsy.
I need a new blog name. No one gets that is the Quilting Ranny, they always call me the Quilting Granny and it isn't Granny, it is Ranny. It is what my grandchildren call me.
I am closing down my other 2 blogs this week-end for good and while I will still make quilts for 911 dispatchers, I will no longer have a separate site up for it because it just hasn't been the help I was looking for.
So, we are going to have a contest.
Between now and July 4th, I am asking everyone to leave a comment and tell me what I should change the name of my blog to, how I should change the header and still let people know about me and my family, but also let them know about my quilting business without being boring.
So, come up with some great ideas, I will pick the top three and we will vote on those.
The top three winners will receive a quilting or sewing or crafting notion of my choice to be announced once the winners are chosen. Spread the word and please help come up with a name. I am also looking to have more followers while I am in recovery.
Have fun and enjoy!

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