Friday, June 12, 2009

Quilters Are Fabric Hoarders....Calling All Fabric Hoarders....I Need An Iron

I don't care if you want to admit it to yourself or not, but face it. Most of those of use who quilt are hoarders. Plain and simple, call it 'stashing,' if you must, but it is a form of hoarding and I too am one of those crazy people who think I need more and more fabric for more and more projects I will probably never finish!

These two top pictures are just of the fabric I have crammed as tightly as possible in my craft box. It is stuffed with cottons, flannels, fleeces in all colors and all patterns.
Then there is this picture of the inside of my little slice of quilting heaven, my quilting room or quilting closet and as you can see it is simply piled with fabrics, battings, etc.
My point isn't to try to shame anyone of us here, I am trying to make a point, so I can bargain or barter with someone in quilting blog land that I know is hoarding more than fabric. I can feel it in quilting bones ladies and men.
I am looking for and need and simply don't want to spend the money for it at this time....An iron!
You read it correctly, I need a new iron. So, here is the deal. I will barter for it. I have some nice scraps, I have some nice fat quarters and I have some nice fabric by the yard.
I will sent you more fabric and pay for the shipping if you will send me your extra iron. I just know there has to be someone out in blog land with one or two extra steam irons.
So, if you know deep down you are never going to use that extra iron you received as a wedding gift, contact me, lets work out the details and we can help each other out!

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