Friday, June 12, 2009

Procrastination Is My Forte'

A few of you wonderful people have Emailed me over the last two days wondering what has been going on and where I have been. Perhaps it is because I am an obsessive blogger (as you will see today) and just missed me, but others I have come to known, simply care and to me that means the world.

I have been hiding out in the world of procrastination. Anyone who knows me knows that I don't really plan things, I wait until the last minute to do my best work.

It was that way throughout all of my hard earned college degree's, at work writing policy or training manuals or even a brief presentation, I literally wait until the last minutes to get it done. I usually have all my ducks in one pond, they just aren't lined up the way they need to be.

So, it should not surprise anyone that I am trying to catch up on some quilting projects I need to finish and one that is close to my heart is the one above and still in strips for my mom. This was going to be the quilt she took to stay warm when she was receiving Chemo, but now, I am not sure if it will be finished at all. You see, it has been determined she not only had/s breast cancer, but it is also in her lungs and they are doing a bone scan to see if it is in her bones as well.
How do you become enthusiastic about something for someone when you know it may be the last thing you make for them? In some odd way I think a part of me feels the longer I take to finish it, the longer my moms chances are of surviving this thing!

I am also working on a smaller quilt that I will put up for sale sometime after my surgery, and that is going to have the Sunbonnet Sue and Sunbonnet Sam on four brightly colored panels surround by a bright polka dotted flannel. I am trying to get this one finished so I can add the finishing touches on it while I am recovering.

I have also been very busy cleaning the house and making sure everything is clean so Jerry doesn't have to deal with all of this on his own and spending more time with the kids playing and laughing with them. Yesterday I sat in the front yard on this large rock we have and just watched all the kids play. I am trying to slow down, but that isn't easy.

I am also working as much as I can and trying to let all the students I work with know that should they ever just need to talk or vent, they can look me up in the telephone book. As you know last Friday I felt very drained emotionally about my students and then someone told me yesterday, one of the students I know did try to commit suicide this past week-end. It broke my heart!

As of today, my surgery is scheduled for early afternoon on the 22nd. So, I am spending more time trying to do what needs to be done before I am out of the house for awhile!
In the meantime, my hubby will be adding some pictures to this blog here and there, he will make entries but will not respond to anyones Emails. He will publish your comments and questions and leave them up to me to answer when I get home.
Please, I would love to have more followers. I have 2 male quilters that I interviewed and those will be posted while I am away. I am looking to change the name of my blog, so I am going to have a contest for the best name and ideas and the winners will will learn about that later. I am also looking to barter for a few things I need.

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