Saturday, June 13, 2009

Looking to Barter....I Need...Iron and Yada Books

I am serious about this bartering thing. I need a new iron. My old one has the non-stick flaking off onto fabric and clothing. At times it glides and other times it sticks really bad. It is over 12 years old and has served me well.
However, I know that some of you in blog land have more than one good iron that you probably don't use, it is probably sitting in a box somewhere collecting dust. I am just asking you to dust it off and send it to me. I have fabric I can barter, I can make you some personalized pillows, stationary, etc.
As many of you know, I am going into the hospital in 9 days for major back surgery and my quilting will take a huge set back while I recover and follow to the letter, my doctors orders. I am looking to see if anyone would be willing to send me their already read copies of the Yada books? I am very good with my books, so I would be willing to read them and send them back, I just don't want to be lying in bed doing nothing.
If you want to just donate them to me, that would be great & I in turn would pass them onto someone else. If you want to exchange them for a few new fat quarters or cut fabric squares we can do that as well. I also have CD's I am willing to barter with.
Let me know!

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