Friday, June 19, 2009

A Swap Inspired Tablecover

I signed up to participate in the 'Hurrah For the Red, White and Blue, ' swap put on by the Sweet Goodness Swap. I couldn't have gone all year without participating in at least one swap and this one was very easy.

I am sorry Tangee, this is NOT your handmade item in the swap, but a teaser.

Last evening while doing a very deep cleaning of the basement, I discovered under all the kids projects pile on the end table, that I still had for a table cover, a towel from Christmas.

Can anyone affirm they have done this as well?

This won't due I thought. How embarrassing should someone come to help my family out and see I still have Christmas stuff going on in June. I remembered I had some left over patriotic fabric and ran upstairs and began measuring to see what I could do.

This is what I came up with. Initially I could not get the 5 point stars at all. I am horrible at drawing stars and began digging through my piles upon piles of quilting magazines and patterns searching for a star.

My eight year old granddaughter rescued me. 'I know how to make stars,' she said and with that she disappeared to look for paper and pencil. When she came back, she had a perfect pattern for a 5 point star. I traced it onto some double sided interfacing and Voila', a cute, up to the holiday table cover.

This solved my problem of what to do with the extra fabric, let me use up the rest of the larger pieces and toss away the unusable scraps! The back is pieced using the rest of the flag fabric and a sliver of the red star fabric.
My motto on this? 'What the heck, they won't see the back anyway!'
Thanks Sweet Goodness Girls for your inspiration!

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