Friday, June 19, 2009

End of School

This school year, we had quite a few firsts. We had baby boy going to school all day for the first time. We had 2 of the grandchildren loose teeth for the first time. We had our first Pink Party to break up the winter blahs, we had a baptism, a first time young author, a first time to wear dangly earrings, a first time I couldn't participate in any field trips.

Today, in approximately an hour, the 2008/2009 school year will be ending and I will have one unhappy little girl because she can't go to school. But what happens now? There is two upcoming science day camps, Splash Festival in Aberdeen, cheer camp, soccer practices and lots of fun playing outside.

For me, it will be time to reflect on my body and healing and what the Lord wants me to do now.

It will mean hearing childrens laughter all over the neighborhood as the run and play, ride bikes, eat Salmonberries, pick flowers, get skinned knees and it is the time to stock up all our supplies for the first aid kit. Lots of skinned knees, bug bites and stubbed toes.

But, summer doesn't mean the end of learning and my surgery won't stop that. Everyday during the summer, our little ones are required to do at least an hour of school work and another hour of reading and spelling. It is time to review what they learned this year and give them a head start for next year. It is trips to the library for all their activties and the parks for what they have planned.

Welcome summer, now, please bring the sun back!

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Amydeanne said...

sounds like the year we had.. the first earrings, and the grumpy ones stuck at home! oh it won't be that long b/f everyone gets their turn!

have a great weekend!