Friday, June 19, 2009

Rename This Blog Contest

Wake The Neighbors, Let all your friends know, the Quilting Ranny is having a rename my blog contest and I am looking for not only sponsors for the contest giveaways (there will be 4 prizes), I am looking for lots of wonderful ideas! So please, give me a shout out on your blog and let everyone know when the Quilting Ranny returns from her surgery and recovery, she hopes to kickstart a new blog!

At this time, I have 2 solid sponsors and they are:
Jesus Is My Spotter and the wonderful KC Soaps of Bend at:

I am looking into getting a few more sponsors or handmade crafters that would like some free advertising to donate an item or two. I am NOT asking for top of the line expensive items. I have asked a few corporate sponsors, but they are not interested at all. So, I will no longer support their products by raving about them on my blog!
It is summer, do you know an Avon lady/man that might be willing to donate some of their bug repellent? A tupperware salesperson who might want to donate a piece or 2 of tupperware (since Sterilite won't donate), a coupon for free gree products, a recyclable grocery bag, fat quarters, patterns, craft scissors, paper, etc.

As the current header states, I am raising my 3 young grandchildren, I quilt for my family and for those in need in my community as well as others in need of comfort and I have tried for several years to have an adopt a quilt program for those in need, but it has never gotten off the ground.

I am a Christian and believe that the Lord led us out of the desert of Arizona to the Green Trees of Washington. I am a substitute teacher, wife to my husband, a mother to my children. I am a great organizer of things, everything in its place and a place for everything, I hold a Masters Degree in Human Resources and have never worked in Human Resources.

Ask me questions (it might take awhile for me to get back to you after surgery) to help you with a name.

Once a name is chosen, I will work with one or several blog designers to help me come up with the perfect blog. This choosing will be done in 2 parts. Depending on the number of entries, I will choose the top 3 names. Those 3 people will recieve a gift from one of our sponsors

This will run from today until July 5th when I choose 3 people. Please, everyone who chooses, I would like you to follow me here, on Twitter or Facebook during this time. Those who follow me, Twitter or Facebook about this will receive extra entries for one other prize I will be offering as a participation prize and everyone is eligible to win any one of the prizes. I will randomly list the prizes and post pictures when I receive them.

On July 6th, I will post the top 3 names and ask everyone to vote for their favorite. In case of a tie, I will have my grandchildren choose a winner. The Grand prize winner will receive a small basket of unyet chosen goodies such as a Washington mug, stuffed animal, keychain, more.

So, lets get choosing and have fun!


1. You can leave a name for the blog on this post or any other post after today. If you think it is a winner, post it each time you check in.

2. You must leave me an Email address so I can contact you if you are a winner. If I have no way of contacting you, after the 3rd day, I will choose another runner up.

3. Follow me.

4. Twitter about this contest.

5. Let your facebook friends know about this contest.

6. Lets reach for the stars, I am hoping to have at least 150 possible names and ten new followers by July 4th, I know we can do this.

7. No copying names from another blog or any other site, book or paper that is copyrighted or rightfully belongs to someone else. I will check to make sure there is not another name like it.

8. No obscene names. I will not publish your choice if I decided it is rude, vulgar or in any other way, shape of form unacceptable.

9. Being a runner up or the grand winner, does not entitle you to any special priviledges in regards to this blog.

10. Twitter, Facebook and send me a link, you will receive 5 extra entries. Following me gets you 10 extra entries.

Lets have some fun with this!

Some of the prizes are:

Custom soaps by KC Soaps of Bend

Pink Ribbon necklace to help support breast cancer research

2 Fat Quarters


Judy said...

"Heart and Hands"

Rannyjean said...

Oooooooooooh, I like that one!

valmg said...

Not an entry, just a suggestion - Quilting For Life

Dayna said...

Jean - I like the title you already have. I have no suggestions for a new one. Hope you are improving today. Keeping you in my prayers.

Marguerita said...

Hi Jean,

I have been pondering for a long time - and also for me, this is not an entry just a thought.

I have come up with "Threads of Faith" which to me means "woven strong, lasting through generations, weaving the fabric of faith and life together".

I wish you strength in your healing and happiness in your blogging :) Marguerita