Thursday, July 30, 2009

Finding New Things To Write About

Yes, believe it or not, this is my hard cover journal. As well as daily musings on my blog, I keep up a hard bound journal and I have for as long as I can remember. For years I would shred or burn them when they were full, but for the last 5 or so, I place them in the attic, thinking someday my children or grandchildren may want to know more about me.

This particular one, I received Christmas before last from my hubby Jerry, it has been in print since July 2008 and will be full shortly into August, then it will go with the others and a new one will take its place. I have even encouraged my grandchildren to start journaling as a way to see how wonderfully they progress throughout the years.
As children, they go through many emotions about living with us and their own parents, so I encourage them to write their feelings down!
So, what does one write about when they are confined to either a bed or chair day in and day out with nothing to do except write, read and craft? Everything! My journal goes into more personal things and many of my musings are very dark and bleak from when my husband was actively drinking. Praise The Lord, hubby has been sober for almost 12 years now! God is good.
I also keep notes in the back of my journals to jog my memory on things. My son last year wanting a Sun Bonnet Sue quilt, so I wrote notes of colors, fabrics, hanging sleeve or loops. I absolutely love being involved in the Quilt Dashes and Craft Shop Hops and when I find a shop I want to explore further, I write it down and go back later to visit.
I may not be able to support all the shops, but I do try to purchase a bit of fabric here and there when I am working. I also keep a list of who my quilts were sent to with name and address.
Journals are your own personal walk in the world. I record prayers in mine, my favorite bible verse, things I believe the Lord is speaking to my heart about and I keep a separate pain journal.
You can journal about what you want because it is private. When my grandmother passed on, we discovered she kept journals, wrote her thoughts in spiral bound notebooks and while I cried my eyes out until my throat burned, I was able to see how day to day she carried on after my grandfather passed away.
Because I am so much at home lately, I have been reading more blogs out there and adding really great ones to my sidebar and who I am following. I am reading some wonderful blogs by Christian moms/women, crafter blogs, quilting blogs, etc. I try to read a few each day and add the great ones I think everyone would like to look at on my sidebar.
There are just so many wonderfully talented bloggers out there, that what you see is only the tip of the iceberg in blog land. Here are just a few new ones for your reading and crafting pleasure:
Happybird's Crafting, not only a crafting blog but a wonderful uplifting Christian blog.
The Art of Making A Home Joyful, a terrific blog that has wonderful Christian messages and lots of fun things to do with children at home!
These are just two of the new ones I discovered this morning as the babies left for their summer school playtime. Stop by and visit them and let them know you came via my blog site!
If you are searching for that wonderful, different, adorable outfit for a little girl for school, a wedding, church, etc.. you simple must visit Anna Lenas online shop and look for the spring dress, simply way to cute:
Everything Quilts, This shop has a CD with one million (you read it right) quilt patterns on a CD, they are having a great sale at this moment and they offer a layaway program for orders over $75 (how cool is that?).
Viva Las Vegas Stamps, if you are into stamping, this shop is simply, the Elvis of all stamp shops and for a more personal peek, check out their blog, it is wonderful at: Viva Las, it is a great blog!
Crochet Memories, for my blog friends who crochet, they carry lots of crochet patterns.
Are you a weaver or spinner? Do you enjoy making your own fibers for sewing, knitting, etc.? Then you can't pass up Carolina Homespun, for your enjoyment!
Well, that about wraps it up for todays post, as you can see, I can always find something to write about. Drop me a line, say hello and for the latest in my posts, follow me through a maze of ups and downs and all arounds that I call my life.
As always, I am not perfect, I am just created the way our creator wants me to be!

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