Friday, July 3, 2009

The Quilting Itch

Who Hoo!! I won some panels awhile back from
really cute Christmas panels and I wish I could show them, but my camera is where I can't reach it right now.

But they just make me want to sit down at my machine and quilt away for Christmas.

I love all the blogs I watch and truly you are all inspirations to me and when I get a chance to sit for a bit, I will catch up on what everyone is doing. However, for the moment I can only sit for a few minutes here and there.

Thank you for all the wonderful thoughts, prayers and love you have been sending my way for a speedy recovery!


Lynn said...

Congratulations! How exciting to win the panels. I hope you have fun with them.

Thanks for visiting my blog,

Sharon said...

I know what you mean about only sitting for a minute or two. It will get better though! Keep doing what the Doc tells you and you will do just fine! Still praying for your recovery. Happy 4th!