Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What Do You Tell Your Grandchildren?

I am raising three beautiful, kind and caring grandchildren. One just happens to turn 7 today! All of them have practically lived with me since birth and we have had custody of them since 2004 and when their parents passed on, I was given sole legal custody of them. They have a little sister, they miss terribly that mom would not leave behind.

Here is the situation I find myself in. Since 2004, their mother has had 2 miscarriages, then a little boy by her boyfriend (the state wants my son to pay child support on this child, but son is asking for paternity testing) in 2007 and she told the kids about it.

Their mother told them she would come to visit them in July and they have not heard one word from her since May. Mom sent me an Email last week stating she couldn't raise the money to fly up here to see her kids....

She LIED! I got on my Facebook account a few ago and surprise of all surprises, mom had another little baby born a few weeks ago & she never told the kids anything, not one word. It wasn't she couldn't raise the money, she was pregnant and then gave birth and she can't fly.

Mom has never once told the kids, they have a baby brother! How sad is that?

The other thing I would love to know, is how long is the state going to allow her to keep having children and them to pay for them? Total, she has had 8 pregnancies with 6 children...3 she doesn't raise, 1 stays with her and the last baby, floats between mom and dad.

I just feel the kids would be devastated if I told them, so I will not!


Anonymous said...

I think you are probably right. How very sad. One day she will be very sorry for the decisions she has made -- if she's not sorry already. It's so awesome that you have the ones you do because they know they are loved and in the long run that will make everything okay.

Rannyjean said...

I agree Bev, I will let her tell them!