Friday, July 17, 2009

What To Do When Confined To Bed...

Many of you while sending me well wishes want to know if I have gone stir crazy yet. Sometimes yes, it gets hard to lay in bed all day (it truly isn't what it is cracked up to be) or only be allowed to sit up for 15 minutes at a time.

But, after going shopping a few days back, walking and walking some more and getting in and out of the car, I learned very quickly that while my mind thinks it is in back muscles really are and they launched a 24 hour attack on my back that was so painful, I can't ever equate it with anything else, but I can honestly say it was so way much more than labor pains!

I showed you a few posts ago my embroidery I am doing for a quilt that as of yet has no pattern as it is in my head and I showed you the redwork I completed. I also order 500 paper hexagon pieces and I am working on a hexagon quilt.

Since all the hexies have to be hand sewn to the paper and then sewn to each other, I find this something to pass the time while I am laying flat on my back. I had cut out some larger fabric pieces for this about a year ago and then realized they were not the same sizes and stuffed them in my scrap bag. I was going to give them away, but with the new paper pieces being all the same size I can use them.

I am also reading the 'Yada Yada Prayer Group' books as the become available in my library! How refreshing to find Christian books in the public library. I am studying my Bible more and watching Christian television.

One thing that must be done when you are confined to bed for any length of time, is change your sheets often. It is so nice to crawl into freshly laundered bed sheets & I would highly recommend they be at least 600 thread count, so they feel buttery soft. Also, buy some pretty bed clothes so you feel better. Shower often (in my case, I have to be showered because I can't twist or bend).

Wash your face. Ponds has some really cool non-water facial wipes that feel wonderful and don't dry out your face. I loved them in the hospital because they refreshed me after surgery and when I felt yucky! Purchase trial size bottles of moisturizers, lotions so when you need to feel refreshed and clean you can grab these and not have to call somebody to apply them for you.

Covergirls new lipstains are wonderful! I can't say enough good about this product because once you apply it, it stays put. For me that means no lipstick on my clean fresh sheets and if company comes you feel somewhat presentable.

Be sure to keep things within your reach such as writing pad, pens and pencils, puzzle books, remotes, Ipod, water bottle, etc. In my case, I keep things in a cool handmade bag that Dawn made for me. You can find Dawns shop located in my sidebar!

Well, my coffee is gone, so that means back to bed for me. Have a blessed day and week-end!

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