Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Look What I Just Received In The Mail...God Has Perfect Timing

I just got finished posting how I am going to practice patience and rely on Gods timing and NOT my own and what do I receive in the mail? A DHL package from Hancock of Paducah. Now, if you are not a quilter or a crafter, you may not recognize the name, but they are a wonderful source of fabric from many name companies and if you are lucky (as I was0 you can catch it on sale and receive free shipping. Uh, duh, that was right after my FIRST surgery. Bummer!

I had such a wonderful nurse that took care of me for
several days and I mean she was right there helping me when I needed it, ensured I had fresh water, sheets and gowns and I shared with her that I looked like I waddled down the halls. She shared with me that she is pregnant and does waddle.

Well, you know when I saw this fabric panel entitled Recess that is an American Jane pattern by Moda, I just fell in love with it and ordered one for a quilt and one for a changing pad. I also ordered one for a future give-away on my blog when I am more able to move around.

Since the nurse does not know if it is a boy or girl (their first & they want it to remain a surprise), I purchased another fabric from the same group, called Snippets and this is a red and white check type pattern that I felt would be great for either a boy or a girl and since everyone gets pink and blue things, perhaps the red would be a great change. What do you think?

Okay, the next fabric is truly going to date me and my 53 years of age, because it is another one of the American Jane Moda fabrics with a creamy pink background at clothing all over it and pattern pieces. It is truly adorable and just reminded me of the many Christmas's that I received paper dolls. At first I remember I had to cut them out, then they had scored ones, you just punched
around and lastly, I remember a black waxy board you attached your dolls and clothing to. So much fun and so many memories ago.

Come on, some of you have to remember paper dolls, I mean, I can't be the oldest person here can I? I even took cardboard boxes and cut doors and windows in and added small bits of fabric for curtains and match boxes covered with cotton and fabric for chairs, we just didn't have all the distractions kids do today, so we used good old American ingenuity and kid imagination!

I have shown what my projects are while I am having to still remain in bed for so long during the day and evening hours, and one of those is embroidering different flowers around a middle heart. I chose this next
fabric for a quilt I want to encorporate these panels into and I loved the orange background. This fabric is from the Westminster Fabric company and is called Daisies, by Donna Dewberry. Westminster Fabric is the company that has such other designers as Amy Butler and Kaffe Fassett and other wonderful designers whose fabrics just 'POP,' with color and designs. I have linked to each of the mentioned artists because they are each unique and each offer something special to fabric collectors, quilters, etc.

Lastly and for no other reason than I can use it sooner or later for one of the many expectan
t mothers and new mothers I know, I purchased 'Over The Moon,' by David Carter Brown by Wilmington Prints, because what is a nursery without a few nursery rhymes around the room? I loved Hey Diddle Diddle when I was a child and my children and grandchildren loved it as well!

I can wait until I can quilt again, in the meantime, once in awhile, I can open my quilt closet and peek inside, touch all these wonderful fabrics, my sewing machine and remember, if I truly want to quilt again, I must be patient and wait until I am healed, after all, I really don't want to hear the oldest walk in, narrow her eyes and state impatiently, 'Looks like I am going to have to tell Papa on you!'

God Bless and Have an amazing day, where ever you are and whatever you are doing!


kathy55439 said...

Very nice love to get stuff in the mail that is not junk mail.....

Rannyjean said...

So right Kathy, now if I can figure out a way I can sew again, I would be in hog heaven!