Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Why Rush Recovery?

For the last several weeks, I have been more anxious as the time for school to start draws near. I will not be able to drive yet, I won't be able to work yet and that really scares me. However, God has been bombarding me (you have to know me to understand this) with people reminding me daily, I have had 2 surgeries, my last surgery was 3 weeks ago, this is a long process, relax.

This morning when I couldn't sleep, I grabbed Joyce Meyer book '100 ways to Simplify your Life,' and began reading it with a flashlight so as not to wake hubby from his much needed and deep sleep. The one thing that hit me was we are to place God first in our life and keep him in that place out front of all other things. My quilting, should take a backseat after God and family.

I even wrote, place Jesus first in the morning and the rest of the day will go smoothly. Place Him at the back of your day & you might find out what chaos is truly about. But my recovery is so much more than not having patience, it is about loosing some of my mobility and freedom, it is about not being a monetary contributor to this family and for the first time since I was 16 years old, I can't work!

I began reading my Spirit Filled Bible and Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 has a letter in it from Ginger Lindsay which basically says,' all things are done in Gods time, not our time and while we wait, we must do so quitly because what God has planned in our lives is a matter of His timing!.' In other words, God is fine-tuning me through this adversity. Amen and Amen!

God continually through this journey is telling me patience my child, listen to my word and relax.' Then it hit me as my dear friend John was leaving once again after spending 4 days at our home, taking care of me, taking me to the doctor, to lunch, mopping the floors, doing laundry. Why didn't I notice it before, it has been right in front of me daily and I walk past it as I leave my porch on those few times I can leave the house?

This is a picture of a Nasturium plant that the two youngest grandchildren gave me on Mothers day. However, when they gave it to me, it was this teeny little spindly thing in a styrofoam cup & I had my druthers on whether it would grow or not.

However, hubby with his green thumb, watered it and when it grew a bit taller and stronger, he put it in a small painted pot that the grandchildren had painted. I still wondered if it would thrive.

Several weeks later, he placed it in this pot and we had a pretty hard rain and the plant kind of looked like it was on the way out, but as you can see, with love and water, it has grown to be this huge plant with an approximately 2'-3' runner and it is beautiful.

As John was leaving for home today, standing on the porch, it hit me. If the grandchildren can be so patient and wait and wait for months for their plant to grow and believe that because they planted it and watered it, it would grow, why shouldn't I have patience to heal?

Then, a friend from church came over and told me, the ladies prayer group is praying over me and my family and that she knows it is hard to not be working, to not be in control, but God has me in this season of my life for a reason and I need to take refuge and rest in this and relax.

So, if I post anything other than patience about my recovery, shine that bright light in my eyes and send me back to this post.

God is good, All the time!

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