Saturday, August 29, 2009

Needing Some Help..

I am become more and more frustrated as to why I can't find a job. I keep telling myself it just isn't in Gods plans right now and on the outside and in my heart, I can accept that. I can also accept when I do find the job he wants me to have, I will be amazed at how wonderful it is and how it fits me.

I am to the point of giving up & anyone who knows me, knows I do not ever give up without a fight, but I haven't even lately been given a chance to fight (no interviews). I just feel so sad that everything is being carried on hubbies shoulders and I guess a bit selfish because I can't seem to get my foot in the door.

While I worked as a reading tutor through Americorps and Washington Reading Corps in 2007/2008 and was successful in having several at-risk students who were struggling in the beginning of the year, fly out of my reading group by the end. I have even spoken to a few of the parents over the past year and learned they are reading lots of books on their own and better readers now than ever.

I was an emergency substitute teacher last year and I taught from pre-school through high school with numerous teachers requesting me to return time and time again to their classrooms, feeling I was the best fit for their students when they were absent. I have applied for several permanent jobs within the school district and I am not even granted an interview, I just get a letter saying someone else was chosen.

I have now applied for 2 other positions within the city where I live. Both would be front office jobs and I know I could do them and do them well, but I feel like many times I am not chosen due to my age. Trust me, I can change my hair style and hair color, I really do not look my age of 53, but time after time, I can't even get an interview.

I have had my resume revamped so many times lately, all of it is true, but depending on the job depends on how it is written, how much I have done and yet, I am passed over time and time again.

I need someone who can look at my resume and tell me where I have gone wrong. I need someone to tell me what I can do to improve. I have decided (though we don't really have the funds) to go out this week and purchase an outfit for a job interview that has eye popping colors instead of black and whites, navy, beige or creams.

I feel like a race horse who won the big races all its life and then was kicked out to pasture.

I moved to Washington hoping to live a more relaxed life style, not wanting to dispatch anymore, not wanting to give up my week-ends and holidays, wanting to spend time at home with the grandchildren and hubby. I knew I had good skills...I can teach without ever have taken teaching classes.

I know John, I need to stop whining! Melinda, you have had 2 jobs since moving to Utah and couldn't find one here in Washington, whats the trick girlfriend?

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Sherry said...

Keep your faith will all work out! The perfect job is just waiting for you.