Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ouch! That Hurt...But In A Good Way

I know, I know, quityerbellyachin! But how many of us remember having bandages on when we were children and hating to have them ripped off (the kinder, gentler way our parents said)?
Well, as it turned out I am allergic to the adhesives in bandages, tapes, steri-strips, etc. If you think I am exaggerating, you should see the scar I have on my face from my first surgery back in June where they had to tape my breathing tube.
Everyday since June 22, I have had to endure the pain and agony of having my dressings changed on my back! Bless my doctors, nurses and hubbies valiant efforts to use something that would be easy on me, I have endured the agony of tape being pulled off my skin.
It doesn't just hurt, it is quite painful. However, the other option is to return to the hospital with another infection & that is not an option in my book! This past Monday, I had the last of my stitches out and had steri-strips placed on my back & this time, they used spray adhesive to ensure the steri-strips stayed on (last time they were off before I got home).
Yesterday, each time I sat down, I could feel a ripping or tearing & since I can't see my back, I asked hubby to look at it. Without saying much, he said, 'yep, they are ready to come off,' as he was ripping them off and I have to say that those tiny little strips hurt more than all the tape I had on. Sadly, I still have 3 on which aren't ready to come off yet.
Sooooooooooooo, the next time you plan on ripping a bandage off, do those of us cowards a favor....soak it in some warm water first. You never know if we are yelling because of the hair coming off. Or, as in my case, my skin comes with it!


Sherry said...

Oh Jean, I can feel your pain! I have had all of my kids by C-Section and everytime something changes with the advance of medicine. With one of my kids they decided to wrap my belly up in this tape to help hold it better. They kept it on for a day or so and when they took it off my belly and back were red and had a rash for a good month. Not one of medicines best ideas!

I hope your about done with everything!

Rannyjean said...

Hmmm Sherry, they did the same thing with me when I had abdominal surgery and as they removed the tape, my skin went right along with it!
I have an x-ray Tuesday and see doc on Thursday,I will keep everyone posted!