Monday, August 3, 2009

Stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupid People aka Parents

I don't know if this post should actually be titled the way it is, or should I put Rude or Ignorant parents? I have had it up to my eyeballs with people who just think their kids should be shuttled to my yard to run amok. They don't call and ask me, they don't come over to the house and ask, they don't speak to my husband when he is outside, they wait and then tell their kids it is okay to come to my yard? What? Who gave them that idea?

Back in July a little 10 year old girl was taken off the streets in McCleary, Washington. Little Lindsay Baum was only 10 years old and disappeared without a trace around 9:15 pm, there has been no clue where she has been taken to and my heart breaks for her parents loss and those people who lost their sense of security in a small town community.

Two days ago, as I was going to bed for the night at 9:00 pm, 2 little neighbor children (no more than 8 years old), came by and wanted to talk to my grandchildren. I just don't get it! It may still be light out or dusky, but since when is 9:00 at night okay at any time to let your children run the neighborhood?

Even when I wasn't recovering, this was not okay for our grandchildren or anyone else staying over night to be out at this time.

As you know, I have had 2 back surgeries since June 22 and I am confined to my home and mainly to bed until stitches are taken out, nerves grow back and my pain subsides & yet, parents think it is okay to let their young children come to my yard and play, even if the grandchildren are not outside.

I just had a conversation with a young man from across the road. My grandchildren were not home, so I told him, he couldn't be in my yard. He said it was okay because his dad said so. I told him I didn't care, he needed to go home until the grandchildren came outside or send his father over.

I totally get that some parents allow their children to stay out from dawn to dark due to the long gray dark winters in our area, but sending them to play in someone elses yard is just plain rude. I know parents have seen me with my walker, seen me getting guided down the walkway to the van, they have seen my huge brace and know I do not drive any longer. Many have called me, talked to me and even waved at me, so why would they think their kids should come to my yard?

For the most part, with a few exceptions, we keep the grandchildren close to home or make contact with parents. Since I cannot bend, twist, reach or drive, as soon as the kids come in from their summer school program, we have a snack, do some arts and crafts, play games, etc. , but I try to keep them from going outside until hubby gets home.

Am I wrong here? It just seems to me to be very poor judgement on these parents parts! What happened to speaking to the other parents first?

I am ticked!

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