Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Wild Bag For This Old Bag...:)

As all of you know, I am stuck with 2 constants in my life at this time:
  1. My back brace
  2. My walker

Neither one of these is exactly the model of chic couture, they are both bulky and ugly, but they serve a purpose.

So, I will be driving to Olympia on Tuesday with the kids to see my doctor due to excessive pain I am having, not to mention my arms and legs at night are almost paralyzed and without help from hubby, I wouldn't be able to move.

Having a walker, makes it diffucult to carry anything, so today, I made myself this bright and cheerful walker bag. It holds my wallet, my keys and a lip gloss. I even got creative and put some cording around the outer edges.

Now, when I go somewhere with someone, I won't have to be constantly asking them to hold my wallet (since I don't have lots of clothes with pockets), or hold my house keys, etc.

I used the left over fabric from a cut summer top I made the oldest last summer, so all it cost me was the amount of the extra large snaps. (WalMart didn't carry magnetic snaps).

So, if you see me coming, put on your sunglasses, because this pattern is loud, bright and it will cause your eyes to cross. On the positive side, it is loud, bright and makes me smile!

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