Thursday, September 17, 2009

American Jane Baby Quilt

Going directly to my Zibbets and Art Fire Store is this hand tied American Jane (Moda Fabric) baby quilt depicting an earlier time where children played jump rope, ring-around-the-rosey and London Bridge. I see this quilt and it reminds me of the Dick and Jane books I grew up on or the Little Rascals television series. I know, I just dated myself!

This is a wonderful quilt that is 23" x 42 1/2" perfect for a crib blanket and it has a polyester low loft batting, so it is not to heavy for a slumbering baby. The binding is hand stitched and I hand tied it to the back so the knots wouldn't destract from the beautiful scene on the front.

The back is also American Jane fabric in a red and tiny white checks pattern. You can see by this picture how the knots look. I loved this backing because it was a nice color for a boy or a girl and not the traditional pink or blue.
I will be listing this in my Zibbets and Art Fire stores, so please, if you are interested in this quilt (selling for $25 ), please contact me prior to purchasing and I will let you know if it is still available.

In the meantime, even if you don't want to purchase it or you just love looking at quilts or Moda fabrics, I wanted to share with you some closer shots of the print as I think this is just the cutest print I have seen lately.


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