Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back To School

I tried hard this morning to get a nice group picture of the kids for their first day back to school, but they were all so excited, each one was running in different directions.

Here is Diva girl all in her new pink and yellow ruffled skirt (with shorts under), her new orange in front and pink in back shirt with the huge pink organza with pearl flower (top right) and pink sweater. You can barely see the top of her pink socks and she has the cutest shoes with pink trim.

Then, I tried to get Little man's picture, but he was the first one up, dressed and sitting at the table eating his breakfast. His shirt has a huge turtle on the front and since we have a few real ones, he loves it.
Now, let me see, new undies and socks (check), new backpack (check), new shoes (check), new shirts (check), new pants...uh oh, I can't believe in all the relaxed shopping I did starting in July, that somehow I managed to buy little man some new jeans. At least he still has a few pairs with knees still in them!
They were having Malt-O-Meal hot cereal for breakfast. Once school starts, the cold cereals have to wait for the week-ends to be eaten as I just feel getting a really good, warm breakfast is the best way to start the day.
Here is little miss Tomboy, but looking at her today, you wouldn't believe it. She actually let me do something with her hair, allowed me to put barrettes in it. She is wearing a shirt her mom bought her for her birthday and a Zoe Girl skort. The blues in the shirt and skort actually were a very close match.

She finished off the look with her Kyle Petty Racing jacket and high top tennis shoes and she was ready to go. The only problem I have with her is she will wear nothing but overgrown tee shirts and sweats to school if I let her.
I no longer choose her clothes, I give advice but I don't pick them. We either shop on line or when we are in Olympia and I let her decide what she wants. She just isn't into ruffles, lace, gathered tops, spaghetti straps (she wouldn't be allowed to wear them any way), she hates anything elastic around her neck or arms.
She is the little Bohemian of the family as she dresses according to how she wants and not by the dictates of society as she really doesn't care what people think. 'I go to school to learn, not for fashions,' her words, not mine!

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