Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Bed Project

I have been working a few hours several times a week, but by the time I come home, I am physically exhausted and hurting. Tomorrow I start having physical therapy modalities (heat, ice, tens units, etc.) as they are trying to relieve my night pain that is more like night tortures.
So, I have gone back to having a quilting project on my nightstand, so when I am to exhausted to sit up, I can at least feel like I am getting something accomplished. Awhile back, I began making a biscuit quilt for the oldest granddaughter, but then it got set aside while I was recovering and doing smaller projects.

The blocks have been individually sewn for months, but last night and today, I started stuffing each square and you can kind of get a picture of why they call these biscuit quilts, because they look like biscuits or at least rolls.
Then, you flip them over and here is what they look like on the other side. Right now, my sewing closet is piling up with them. The kids are starting to call it a pillow quilt and I suppose it could be called by several names, but I took the pattern out of a quilting magazine from the 1970's and it was called a biscuit quilt.
All the fabrics used in this come from clothing I have made the kids, quilts I have made for them or other family members with the exception of the dark blue print and that came from a pair of my hubbies old pajamas.
I was going to toss them when the kids asked me to use them in a quilt. So each one will get a quilt eventually with pieces of this fabric so they can feel closer to their Papa.
So, while I may complain at times about the pain I am feeling, I do keep busy while I am trying to relax and let my aches and pains let up by quilting. So, you can see, while you may keep a quilter down, a quilter will always have a project around that can be hand sewn.

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