Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Wonders of Fall

I am up earlier than usual this morning for several reasons. The first is my oldest son has court at 0830 this morning and I needed to pray for him.

The second is I awoke to rain on the skylight in our master bath and immediately the words to the song by Cal Smith came into my head:

'She said hello country bumpkin, hows the frost out on the pumpkin.'

If you are from the country, this isn't an insult, it just reminds me of the perfect morning today is...cool, crisp, the rain is beating softly on the skylight and the white noise of my bedside fan was replaced with the sound from the fireplace insert blowing from the warmth of the fire hubby had going to warm all of us up this morning.

Yes, I do believe that fall has officially come to Washington and I am sooooooooooo ready for it, or not. Mentally, this is the time of the year I begin to perk up. I love the rain and the snow and in my mind, there is nothing better! You just cannot have a better day, than sitting inside an watching the rain fall.

On the other hand...with all the titanium I have in my body in the form of ankle plates and pins and back plate and screws, where is the tin mans oil can when I need it? I felt this coming on yesterday, I just seemed a bit stiffer than normal and achier (is that even a word??) than usual.

It is time to finish baby girls puff quilt, baby boys Spiderman quilt and Diva girls (thats a secret) quilt with something that is, well , Diva girlish!

It is the time to start thinking of Thanksgiving and looking out for those special Christmas gifts for those special people in my life and it is time to realize how blessed I am to be in a place where beauty abounds.

I was talking to a young man yesterday who lost his job awhile back...laid off and was told he would be rehired in 18 months...he has a great new job and it entails lots of driving, but when we were discussing jobs, he told me this....'keep your head high, when my family moved to the Puyallup area, it took people almost 4 years before they weren't so standoffish.'

I am thinking about starting my own business, but waiting to hear from God on this and get His lead and direction. I flopped as a Tupperware seller years ago when I was younger, I sold Avon for awhile in the 1970's and did okay (had people that would order and then not pay), but this business is different and it may be what my family needs at this time.

Say a prayer for my son, who has court this morning and say a prayer I will hear Gods voice and know the direction he wants me to go on this business deal. I am still in the research phase!

Today, I wish you new wonders and I hope you see that fresh frost out on the pumpkin and smell fall in the air!

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Yarni Gras! said...

what a lovely post :-)
I'll say a prayer for your son now...a bit late since it is after work.......but heartfelt nonetheless.