Monday, September 28, 2009

It Is The Yummiest Yoplait Ever

If you are tired of those 100 calorie packets that either do not taste like the product they say they are, or just leave you wanting something else, you simply must try the new most amazing Yoplait Daily Delight, yogurt parfaits, they are simply amazing!

I purchased my first package of these on Friday and it was their Chocolate Raspberry and I took them home and when the grands came home from school, we sat down and opened them. Oh my! These had the wonderful consistency of a chocolate pudding, with a raspberry mousse topping and the grands were yumming, and ooohing with each bite they took.

They even asked if they could replace ice cream with these because they tasted that good and they mixed up easier than ice cream did. Oh Lord, thank you that they would not turn a 100 calorie treat into a yuck thing!

Yesterday, I picked up the Lemon Torte at the urging of the grands (oh yes, I wanted to try anything but Lemon) and not wanting to discourage their excitement, I picked up the Lemon. I love fresh lemon, but I was really hoping these didn't taste like lemon merangue, something I am not real fond of.

Oh well, with the $1.00 off coupon I received from Yoplait's web site and only paid $1.49 and you can do the same thing by clicking on the link and printing your coupon out and while you are at it, share the wealth and send some to your friends, I can guarantee you they will thank you for it!

Today, we all sat down after school and opened up the Lemon Torte...okay, we all took a vote and decided that it was a hands up tie on which one we preferred. The lemon was not at all bitter or tart and the topping, was not merangue as I believed it to be.

So, do yourself a favor, click on over to Yoplait, print the coupon out, toss on your shoes, grab your keys or bike or walking poles and head on out to your closest grocery store and pick up some of these wonderful yogurts before they are snapped up all to quickly!

When you do, come back here and let me know what you think!

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