Monday, September 28, 2009

God Can't Be In Our Schools, But Child Indoctrination Can?

Take a look at this video. It is valid, it is NOT a fake. Sean Hannity had it on his show last night and this is very disturbing. If you listen closely, you can not only hear the kids praising or being led to sing, they replace the Battle Hymn of the Republic Song with Barack Obama words. This is scary stuff to me and I hope to all of you.

We cannot have prayer in school any longer and those children who choose to do so are told they cannot pray. I saw a few years ago a mother praying with her children in a quiet corner on her cell phone in an Americorps gathering...she was not talking to anyone, she was turned around and quiet and someone walked by, heard her and reported it. She was told she could not pray any more.

Do you not see that even those who worship Allah pray daily and they pray at work, in schools, in their mosques and we, the American people whose countries very foundation was based on freedom of religion are loosing these freedoms.

I am sorry, I saw this last night and it made me physically ill. If we do not begin to stand for something, we are going to go down in a very hard way. How many rights are we willing to give up in the name of what?

We sit idly by and allow our president to say he will have people who do not pay medical insurance fined & yet many people can't make ends meet with what they have, how will they find money to pay for insurance?

We sit idly by while the president states this about ACORN, an obvious corrupt group that has gleaned millions of tax payers dollars: 'This Week" in an interview broadcast Sunday that what he saw on the video "was certainly inappropriate and deserves to be investigated." But the president did not say who should investigate. And he said it is not a major national issue he pays much attention to.'

I agree it may not be a major national issue such as Iran is at this moment, but come on. First they were found to do vote fixing, the founders brother embezzled millions of dollars from the agency and now this. What is more disturbing is that ACORN feels it should spend lots of tax payors dollars to sue the young woman who made the video.

I have always said with my degree's I should be able to go into a company, run it the way I want to, set up a nice pension plan and then run the company into utter ruin and walk away with millions of dollars in my pockets. Or how about I set up a charity organization and do nothing to ensure it is run properly or has any checks and balances and make it as corrupt as I can and then sue the person that catches me.

Oh yeah, I am a baby boomer, I got spankings when I was young and still graduated from my colleges with high honors, Cum Laude and my Masters with a 4.0 gpa...yeah, spanking makes children less smart. I was raised to say yes sir and no sir and ma'am, I was raised to call adults Mr. or Mrs., I didn't dare talk back to a teacher (well, maybe debate class on debate issues), I said please and thank you, I wore age appropriate clothing and more than that, my parents instilled in me, ethics, pride and good strong morals.

When we begin to think we are better than others, when we are so far up in our thinking, we have no earthly idea of what reality is for most people, there is something wrong with our country.

Perhaps what our president should do is issue bus passes to all CEO's and make them ride the bus as they do in Japan. Perhaps more CEO's should eat in the cafeteria with the employee's that work to ensure the CEO doesn't really have to. Perhaps CEO's should become more like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates and do their best to give as much of their money away to good causes as they can. After all, they have more than they will ever need and they both know this.
Ever see a picture of Warren Buffet's home? You can see it here at the local assessors office and while it is quite large (almost 6000 square feet) he has owned it forever!

I just want all of us to be aware, that whether we are Republican, Democrat or Liberal we need to be wary of what is happening all around us and we need to ensure that we continue to remain a country that remains free and One Nation Under God.