Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Swap Gifts...Is It Pink or Aqua?

Yesterday, the mail man arrived with a package and it was my gift from my swap partner at Rebecca's pink and aqua swap. Oh my, the box was just full of wonderful things and they were all individually wrapped and placed inside this beatifully sewn fabric bag. The bag is amazing because I can use it aqua or pink! Thank you Laurie for the fantastic gifts and being such a wonderful partner.

Even hubby commented last night that he thought this was the best swap ever for me and you know it was good if the man in your life takes notice!

There was also 2 nice sized pieces of fabric one in pink and one in aqua. Oh boy, does this Ranny see a new outfit for her latest granddaughter that I was informed yesterday is out growing everything she has!
Laurie lives in Florida, but I thought she was extra thoughtful and pays attention to detail because she hand knitted me this wonderful aqua scarf:

I can guarantee that this scarf will be my favorite one not only this winter, but to accessorize my wardrobe, it has such a wonderful, soft and yummy feel to it!

There was also this wonderful beaded necklace in aqua and how she knew I am hooked on accessorizing this year, I do not know, but I can guarantee you it will be a piece I wear to work on Monday!

Laurie included a cute little paper crafting package that I loved and lastly, being a woman after my own heart, she sent me this wonderful creamy and yummy

Alpine Chocolate that was just the perfect texture when it was delivered, not to hard and just a bit warm.

Thank you Laurie for your wonderful gifts!


Anonymous said...

Wow! She did do a good job with that swap package. How clever to put it all in a bag like that.

It's good to see that beautiful smile of yours.

Rannyjean said...

Didn't she? I was so amazed! Thanks, I do smile in spite of how I feel at times!