Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Now Hear This...

I love the many friends I have met on my blog, those who give me positive feedback, those who follow my blog, those who just sit back and watch, those friends I have made by purchasing their handmade items, it is amazing how far my blog has taken me!

However, (you knew that was coming) a few posts back I wrote an entry about the WalMart mentality and how it works. Well, for those of you who thought I was kidding, please, follow this link to an article entitled, 'Walmart's New Plan to Crush Competition,' it is called, Project Impact and they are doing everything they can to take K-Mart, Target and any other competition out.

I don't know about any of you, but that means we will no longer have choices to purchase what we want where we want. In our area, Michaels craft store moved into a smaller than normal space and when they did, our local Walmart enlarged their craft and sewing departments, slashed prices until Michaels couldn't compete and closed. Now, their craft/sewing section amounts to about 1 1/2 short aisles.

That is why it is so very important for all of us to make the choice to buy from our local markets, butchers, smaller retail stores and hardware stores. I truly understand about the economics of shopping Walmart, but many times you are not purchasing quality. I thought I had found a good deal in purchasing the girls some sweaters for winter and checked them over for any damage.
Today, when one went to put hers on, the stitching had come out.

Many of us are craft makers, quilt makers, we try to get by selling on Etsy, Art Fire and Zibbet, but while some of us may have luck on these sites, how many times do you purchase from these sellers? I have always felt that buying handmade at least once a month helps not only the seller, but perhaps when the time comes they will purchase from you or send others your way.

What happens when you can't purchase quality products any longer because Walmarts many bargains are not always the best bang for your buck!

So, prior to heading out the door today to go to Walmart, make a choice to shop at another store if you can afford the extra cents or dollars it may cost. Remember, Safeway has great sales and you get cents off per gallon of gas and I have earned as much as twenty cents off per gallon which is cheaper than the cheapest gas in town.

I will drive to Olympia an hour away to purchase school clothing and shoes, fabric, etc. just to make sure I don't choose Walmart all the time. I plan my shopping around doctor appointments.

If we only have one place to shop from, we will lose the competition and then when we complain who will care? Not like Walmart cares anymore any way. I am sure that Sam is rolling over and over in his grave on how his business is being run, but to his family and stock holders, the more money they make, the happier they are.

Tell me, will we be happier when we have no choices left?

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Melinda Cornish said...

Dont forget the local quilt stores either! Yes they cost more, but the fabric is way get what you pay for!!!!!!