Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Has Anyone Tried These Products and New Projects

I am wondering if anyone has tried any or all of the following products for back pain or to correct your posture? I found them in Gaiam and they are a tad bit pricey, so if they are good products, I may try one, but if not, why waste my money?

  1. Ergonomic Seat Cushion for proper posture and back alignment? Approximate cost is $43.
  2. Back Joy, a bit smaller and designed differently, but supposed to help with back pain and the approximate cost on this is $49.
  3. Tush Cush, has a wedge designed but relieves back pressure. Approximate cost is $39 and while Gaiam used to carry this product, they no longer do, but you can go to tushcush dot com and buy it directly from the manufacturer, a family owned business.
  4. The backstrap deluxe, a belt with thermal balls designed to give acupressure relief at this time on sale for $49.99 regular $100. Yowsers!
  5. The ball chair? Looking for someone who has used this at work on computers or for sewing?

So, please let me know if any of you have tried these products or give me your opinion as I value all of your comments.


I have actually decided to start some quilting, but start out slowly and small since I can't sit for hours at a time. So, I ordered a small project I can take my time with and put up on the hall quilt rack & anyone who knows me, knows why I got this one. It came from Connecting Threads and it was on back order for awhile.

It has adorable little snowmen on it and really cute borders and some embroidery work that sold me on it. The embroidery says:
'Let it S***, Let it S***,' you fill in the blanks.

I am not allowed to say the word until at least December as my hubby and several other people are pretty convinced I am a S*** Witch and can make the beautiful white flakes of cold float down from the heavens just by thinking of it.

Come to think of it, today is a gray and gloomy day and the kids would be so happy if they looked out their school window and saw the sun! Gotcha, some of you thought I was going to say the other "S" word didn't you?

The other thing that arrived yesterday was this wonderful book by Marguerita McManus and her daughter Sarah Raffuse who are 2 amazing women that I follow on a regular basis and it is a book about how you can cut lots of time making crazy quilts! If you quilt, you really must follow these 2 wonderful women as they have lots of wonderful things to say, are gracious to share with you, and do wonderful helpful You Tube videos! Do not miss the chance to meet these two awesome ladies!

I am also going to start up my giveaways again in the next few weeks, so please, look for them and tell others about them. The first one will be all sewing related!


Melinda Cornish said...

Hey Miss Jean! Long time no hear from me huh? I am still here plugging away missing my babies like crazy, but they are doing good. Olivia gives me weekly reports...I am trying to catch up on my blogging friends tonight and also wanted to let you know I am having a big giveaway!!! go see!!!! sending up prayers for you as always...Melinda

Rannyjean said...

I am so happy for you and I knew God had something special for you in Utah when you got the job at the fabric shop so easily!