Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Coming Home

On Monday morning before we went to visit my mom at Hospice House, the kids and I went for a much needed walk to the local pharmacy (I needed cosmetics) and when we came home, my moms husband Gary told me Hospice called and they wanted to send mom home...she had improved that much!

So, things began to be changed quickly...moving furniture, knick knacks, etc. so we could fit the hospital beds and equipment in the living room of their manufactured home. The paramedics had no sooner put my mom in bed and Diva girl and Baby boy climbed up in bed with her and throughout our visit one of the three kids would lay by her and read to her, watch television with her etc.

The look on her face shows how much of an improvement she made in just 24 hours. There is no denial here, I know she has cancer and her chemo treatments have been cancelled, but on this day, she had no complaints of pain and was so excited to be home!


solomi558 said...

This is a lovely picture to cherish forever , my thoughts are with you all--cottonreel

West Michigan Quilter said...

My heart and prayers go out to you. My 92 year old mother lives with me and I know I'll be facing a challenging time someday too. Your mother is so fortunate to have you and those kids. Bless you.