Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Long Journey

After a grueling thirteen hour drive a few Friday's ago, we arrived at my moms home at 3:30 in the morning. My dear husband was exhausted, the kids were exhausted and my pain level was off the scale, but the important thing was that we arrived safely.

For me though, I was unable to sleep and was up again by 7:00. My brother and sister-in-law arrived and we were off to the Hospice House to visit with my mom and after years of working in hospitals, seeing patients with cancer pass on, nothing ever prepares any of us to see our own mothers in the same state.

My sister-in-law and I were the first ones with my granddaughter to go in. I never made it in. I took one look at my frail mom with this little pink cap on her head and ran (leaving my granddaughter behind) down the hall and out the door (I needed air and quickly). My hubby and SIL came out and I was ready to go back in. However, granddaughter sat on the couch and cried (terrified I am sure).

The day was difficult! My mom didn't recognize or respond to anyone with the exception of the grandkids and while she didn't stay in recognition, they were the only ones that could get her to take her medication, eat or drink anything. Then, sadly, she would slip into another world.

My husband had to be back to work Sunday, so he left around 2:30 Saturday (the same day we arrived) and headed for home and believing I would call to tell him my mom had passed on. He arrived safely back home around 4:00 Sunday morning.
I can't tell you what happened between the time we left my mom on Saturday and Sunday morning, but I can tell you I believe taking my grandchildren with us and having them stay with me was the miracle we were all looking for.

Sunday morning when we arrived, we were told she ate a large breakfast of cinnamon rolls, tea and juice and was sitting up watching television. When we walked into her room, she didn't even look the same and she knew everyone of us and was talking to all of us.
Hospice House was amazing and the people there were wonderful. As you can see, Diva girl climbed right up in bed with grandma and was happy to keep her company!

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