Friday, October 30, 2009

Friends Are Forever

When I was about in 8th grade and we lived in Moss Landing, California where many military families moved in and out of our lives, one very special family moved in across the street from us...Tony and Ellen Bisulca and their two children.
While I moved away from home, got married, had children, divorced, remarried, had more children and my parents divorced, the one constant in my moms life was her enduring friendship with Ellen and Tony. No matter that they moved to Germany, they kept in touch, when they moved to Denver, mom kept in touch and when Ellen passed away from Lupus years ago, my mom and Tony still kept in touch.
Several years back, my mom and her husband came to Arizona to stay with us for awhile and visit with their grandchildren and greats and Tony had relocated and built a home out of Tucson, Tony came up to visit my mom and all of us.
When Tony heard my mom was in Hospice care, he and his new wife (?) didn't bat an eye, while they had plans to visit her family, as soon as they got back to Arizona, they boarded a plane and have spent the last few days with my mom and tonight when I spoke to her, she was in seventh heaven.
Tony is notorious for his spaghetti and mom couldn't wait and Tony didn't disappoint. Their visit has been going well. Tonight, they were having clam chowder and steak and baked potatoes that Tony had a restaurant make up fresh for the occassion. When I talked to mom, dinner was being prepared and she had to let me go.
How wonderful it was to hear my mom so happy because a dear friend came to visit and not out of duty, but out of genuine love and caring.
Hang onto your friends, when life deals us lemons, they will put the cherries in your lemonade!

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