Saturday, October 31, 2009

I Am Still Quilting & Sewing & Talking Grandchildren

I have been so blessed lately to have so many of you in blog land send me Emails and leave me uplifting messages of love, concern and support of my mom and the care she needs. THANK YOU ALL!

Still, for others who are stopping by and wondering if I am still in the quilting/sewing hobbies, the answer is yes. For two weeks, I spent caring for my mom and arrived home last Sunday morning just after midnight.

Monday morning, I was off to SeaTac airport to pick up our youngest son, his wife and baby girl and I have enjoyed spoiling another grandchild! This one is visiting until early December and then her and her parents will go back home. Until then, I am on a one Ranny mission to spoil the diaper off her!

I was so blessed last week when I got home to have our best friend John drive down and help me put my home in order for their arrival. I could not have done it without all of his help and moving furniture. I know when I talk about life long friends, out family has had a blessing in John!

So, today is Halloween and I just had to show off the fast dress I made for Tomboy for the occassion. Even if you DON'T sew, you can make this dress in a flash. It is simply a plain childs tee-shirt with fabric and netting attached at the bottom and I didn't even bother to put a hem in the skirt and I ripped the netting to give it a more ghoulish look.

I also used fabric paint (thanks again John!) to write Boo, however the ghosts are done in an irridescent white that form the word Boo and they don't show up. I also did the spider web because it matches the web on the fabric. The nicest thing was when she went to school, not only did everyone like it, they wanted to know where she got it so they could buy one!

I am also working on a few quilting projects and have a ton of doctor appointments we will be going to over the next month so I can get back to my moms for a week or two. So, while I may not post pictures of quilts and projects like so many of you can (I wish I knew how you did it), I am still keeping busy!

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