Sunday, November 1, 2009

Strangest Halloween I Have Ever Seen

Here are our 4 little ones getting ready to go Trick or Treating: a bride, Dark Vader, Wonder Woman and a pink lady bug (who only went to 3 houses and came home). They did the usual trek down our street to friends and were back so quickly, I was shocked!

I wasn't shocked because they came back so quickly, but shocked because we hadn't had a single trick or treater to our home since they had left! Not one! I had my pumpkins out, my lights were all on and not one single trick or treater on the streets.

One indication should have been when I heard our own little ones say about a neighbor, 'they gave me a handful of candy!

The final total of children that came to my door was less than 10. Hubby said almost every home in the neighborhood was shut down tight and the one house the kids went to of friends, the friends were handing out candy because they had already gone out and it was so boring.
I couldn't put my finger on it...the economy, H1N1 scare, world series?? My DIL talked to her family in Arizona and they told her it was the same thing at their house. I can say the kids had a good time and many people gave them more candy than usual, but I was sad to see no one out with the exception of a very few!

Maybe, after hundreds of years, Halloween has finally come to an end?


Anonymous said...

xbox is more fun. zero trick or treaters here. 1st time since the 40's.

Barb said...

Love the costumes!