Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Have You Ever?

I chose this picture as a way to say: 'the lights are on, but no one is there.' Yep, its been that kind of a day.

First of all, I had a meeting in Olympia before my doctor appointment, so after I dropped the grands off at daycare, I came home to shower and get dressed.

All was going well (I have learned where to sit things so I don't have to bend), I had time to relax and take a nice leisurely drive through the Black Hills where the leaves are changing colors.

So, I grab my planner and my coat, walk out the door, lock it behind him and the minute I pulled it shut...I realized, my keys and wallet were still in the house. So, I walked out to where we have secretly hidden a key & you guessed it, it has been moved.

I walked across the street and borrowed my dear neighbors phone and bless his 90+ year old heart, he drove me to hubbies place of employment where lucky for me, he was in a meeting or he would have been 45 miles away. I came home, got my keys and wallet and headed towards Olympia.

I made my meeting on time without speeding. As I was leaving the parking lot, I headed out towards the doctor and realized I was going the wrong way and had to turn around and head back the other way. I made it to the doctor and when I left, my tanks low alarm sounded.

No problem, I can make it to the gas station and before long I realized I had passed the gas station and you guessed it, I had to turn around and drive back. Lucky for me, my van gets great gas mileage.

So, I come home, grab a bite to eat, call the hospital and talk to my mom and to the social services worker and head out the door to pick up the kids and stop by the store for Spaghetti fixings...I get home and I forgot the hamburger meat.

So, I am dropping things at a record rate for anyone...dropped my keys 4 times in a row last week as if I never even had them in my hand, broke one of my good plates, just dropped it and now, I am forgetting things!

So, I want someone to please tell me I am not loosing my mind and that you have had one of these days!

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Corn said...

You are not losing your mind, although I'm sure you felt like it. I go through it myself almost everyday. When you have so much going on its so easy to do. My friend likes to blame it on the planets, she always says they are not aligned when she is having an off day.