Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Spooktacular Giveaway, Come One, Come All...

I have once again been blessed and chosen by You Can Make This.com to offer up you (my wonderful blog readers) a chance to win not $10 worth of free Halloween patterns, not $30 worth of free patterns, but a wondefully generous $50 worth of patterns ( 8 in all) to one lucky winner.

You read it right, I have the wonderful opportunity to choose just one lucky reader to win $50 worth of free Epatterns for Halloween and since it is rapidly approaching, this is going to be a very quick and nitty gritty giveaway. I am going to make this as simple as I can...


1. This is open to anyone in the world with access to the internet and has the capability of downloading the free patterns.

2. This contest will run from today, Ocotber 6th and end October 15th at 0900 PST. A winner w

3. You must tell me your funniest Halloween story in 100 words or less and it must be funny, because my 3 grandchildren are going to be the deciding judges.

4. Winner will be announced prior to noon October 15th and the patterns will be sent to you from Courtney over at: You Can Make This, so you must make sure that I have a valid Email address.

No twittering, facebooking, signing up 100 people, no blogging requirements. You can do all this, but you will still only receive one entry. If you feel generous and want to share this with others, you can, but I am not making it mandatory.

The clock is ticking, put on your thinking caps now!


SewCalGal said...

I dressed up as a green witch and went to a party. I was amazed that a guy actually asked me for a date, not knowing what I even looked like.


Rannyjean said...

Just shows you that some guys really don't care about looks and can see through all the make-up...Halloween or not!

Sherry said...

My exhusband dressed up in a red sweat suit and had a devils mask on (one of those ones that covers your whole head.) Anyway on Halloween night he sat on the porch in a lawn chair, kind of limp like, he looked like he was part of the decorations. Anyway, when the older kids came up to the porch he would jump up and scream. It was funny scaring the older kids.

AmyLynn said...

My husband and I went to a haunted house with this family (grownups and kids). The kids were really getting scared and all of the adults were having a good time…but nothing would give us such a laugh until we got to the end of the haunted house and a guy with a chainsaw came out…my husband’s cousin (in her 30’s) took off screaming and running out of the haunted house. It was hilarious! Everyone stood there and laughed because she was more scared of the chainsaw guy, then the kids were through the whole haunted house.

Liz said...

I'm a teacher and I didn't feel very well on Halloween a few years ago, so I didn't put my costume on for the party at school. During the party I got sick, ran over to the trash can, and threw up - right in front of my entire class of 5th and 6th graders. A few days later when all the kids were discussing everyone's costumes, one of the kids said, "Mrs. B gets the award for the grossest costume - she actually made herself throw up. How cool was that!"

estaats (at) eup.k12.mi.us

Phyll said...

Funniest was when we took my sons pee wee football team to the haunted hay ride . They were still in uniforms & the toughest little guy on the team was the scaredest. the people running it seemed to know this & kept scaring him. Needless to say all the bench sitters loved this. He about knocked me down running behind me everytime somehting somethisng scared him. Good luck on your trip